Property Monitoring


We guide and support you throughout your projects – from planning right through to completion.

Decades of success in the field of construction engineering have earned KAISER BAUCONTROL a wealth of experience in the fields of property monitoring and construction management.


Our main area of focus is the delivery of phase 8 project monitoring services as described in §33 HOAI 2013 (the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers). In practical scenarios this is often expanded to include services required in connection with calls for tender, contract awarding and the planning of site logistics – at which point our role involves extensive construction management responsibilities.


50 years of experience and professionalism blend with the requisite level of objectivity across all our areas of activity to create a strong foundation for the successful realization of high-quality projects.

Last but not least: We are blessed with an outstanding team of employees whose personal qualifications, ambitions and dedication combine to ensure nothing but effective project implementation.